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Wifes Astra G 2001 1.6 16v Z16XE (90k miles) has me stumped at the minute.

Back in Janurary it started to run rough and cutting out eml was on and pointed to egr, had the same issue years ago so this time instead of new egr I decided to give dealers (Perrys, Doncaster) a ring to see if they'd blank and reprog egr, had it done a few days later and all has been fine until last week.
Wife comes home saying car is running rough and cutting out occasionally, no eml so sat in it looking a live data to see if I could spot anything and lambda sensor pre-cat looked to be giving odd readings so changed it but no difference.

Over the weekend I checked throttle body, spark plugs, air filter and hoses but no change when idling.

So I decided to unplug egr wiring to my surprise car improved, used it yesterday afternoon and only issue was it cut out after 1st start up but other than that no issue all afternoon.

But this morning wife rushes in the house shouting car just keeps cutting out after start up, I plugged egr wiring back in and it starts up ok without cutting out but rough idle returns.

I decide to knock up a rough blanking plate and totally remove egr from it's mount but leave wiring connected but car still runs rough like this, unplug wiring and it cuts out again.

I'm stumped any suggestions what to look at now.

Cheers for reading


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Does the egr plug have 5 wires. According to my my diagram the brown wire is an earth for the egr position sensor, earthed through pin 60 on the ecu.

This earth is shared by both O2 sensor signals, knock sensor and ect sensor. Worth checking for a clean earth connected and disconnected koeo

I would try disconnecting them one at a time and see if it makes a difference as one may have a fault.

How is the O2 you replaced behaving? Is it a genuine dealer one.

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Cheers for reply.

Sorted it this afternoon, believe it or not a new egr valve fixed it, god knows what dealer did apart from fitting a blanking plate even tho I've a bill for reprogramming the ECU, may have to give em a visit and get an explanation.

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