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Hi guys I'm looking for some help if possible.
I have a Peugeot 307 2.0l 16v petrol hatchback 51 plate.
Car is currently off the road as its a death trap but I want to sort it out.
I have a few faults which are as follows.
➡Fuel trim bank 1. (Unsure of specifics)
➡Abs relay / pump

It has an intermittent cutting out or limp mode problem which it decided when it wants to stop with no warning and no dash lights or faults.
Once it cuts out you have to leave t 5-10 mins then it will start and it fine and if its having a bad day it will do it 10+ times in 1 journey or it will only do it once and be ok for a few weeks.

With limp mode I can drop the clutch red line the revs and it clears or I have to turn off and back on and it's fine 😔

Abs cleared once all sensors were cleaned and fixed but within 2 weeks was back and now won't go away and diagnostics are saying its pump or relay.

Basicly my car has a mind of its own and sometimes decides it doesn't like me lol.
Just looking for advise on what to do.
How much it's gonna cost
If anyone can help with spare parts they have
And if the car is even worth bothering with

When the cars working its fine and a rapid little thing and I don't really want to kill it.
Any help would be great and very much appreciated
If you know what your doing an wouldn't mind having a look for me please let me know and I would pay a little cash or give ya a few drinks.
Not made of money but want my car back and safe for my daughter.
Thanks guys.

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Top little diagnostic info for a diagnosis. Get it onto a Peugeot diagnostic system and post up findings. These problems can be down to alot of things.

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