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If your car is displaying the antipollution fault/depollution fault first thing you need to understand it IS NOT an actual fault it is a message/warning thats all.

Antipollution warnings are simply the peugeot softwares way of telling you SOMETHING is wrong

On a diesel contrary to what some believe it does NOT mean your DPF is blocked and blasting it down the motorway will cure it :)

You can get the message on cars with NO DPF.

To fix the problem you need to know WHAT is really causing it there are many reasons.


Fuel filter dirty leading to poor fuel flow
Air filter dirty leading to poor airflow
EGR valve issues
Worn injectors
Sticky vanes in turbo
Leaky boost pipes/intercooler
DPF system issues

WIRING issues

Any or a combination of the above can put an antipollution message up


Dirty air filter
Bad spark due to plugs or coil
Poor fuel flow through injectors
Bad injector
Clogged cat
Air leaks INTO manifold

WIRING issues

Again any of the above and more can cause it this is why it is important to use proper diagnostics by someone who KNOWS what they are doing.

Reading codes and fitting parts rarely cures these type of issues as the codes can be set BECAUSE of the running problem.
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