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Hi Everyone,

I own a 207 1.4 Turbo Diesel 2008, I was wondering if anyone can help me please,

I purchased around 4 months ago, and recently, well the last 2 months, while driving the car will suddenly say Stop (not sure if this is limp mode?) then come up with an Antipolution warning & I think an oil pressure low warning from time to time?

First advised to change and fill oil, have done, no change.

This happens more often at low revs/stationary, has not yet cut out above 60mph.

no previous history of this fault,

I had a diagnostic done, the diagnostic was helpful however the garage I taken it to said they do not specialise in this vehicle & would need to seek advice elsewhere (yea they should of told me this before) and to top that off, they cleared the error log.

I have however taken a copy of the diagnostic result and this is what was shown:

Engine ECU:
P0692 Fan assembly high speed Circuit. Open Circuit.
P0238 Turbo Pressure signal. High turbo Pressure sensor raw signal.

Built in systems interface (BSI):
04BE Illumination of the rear RH brake lamp

05FF Unexpected re-initialisation fault coming from the BSI
098F engine fuse box: Front left fog lamp fault

0990 engine fuse box: front right fog lamp fault

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) or electric stability program (ESP):
U1308 Engine ECU operating fault, not characterised.
U1108 communication missing fault with the engine ECU. No signal.

Power Steering:
U1108 Fault engine status. Not characterised.
U1308 Fault engine status. Not characterised.

I have spoken to different people & no one can seem to pin point the problem.

If anyone could please share knowledge & advise what the problem could be as I'm lost,

Thank you in advance.
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