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I’m going to keep this direct and to the point. This is an experience with my petrol 2010 207 verve 1.4 (73 bhp)

For the past few weeks, I noticed that when I started the car, it would idle at quite a low RPM and almost judder a bit.

Then a few days ago, I started it and it came up with an ‘Anti-Pollution System failure’ warning with the engine warning light and it engaged limp home mode. My first thought was to check coolant, it was low but fine, it topped it up and it stayed the same (not head gasket related). It disengaged limp home mode on its next start up and drove fine and after about 10 miles or so, the engine warning light turned off but...

The next day, it did it all again. I checked coolant - all good. I check fuses - everything fine. I used my friends diagnostic tool which indicated the error codes P1336 and P1340. It again disengaged limp home mode and again after 10 miles was working fine again.

Then the day after that, I started it and with no warning light or anything, it was driving extremely sluggishly. With the error codes I thought okay, likely coil pack and the forth cylinder had stopped working but the next time I started the car, it drove fine again

I took it to the garage today (the day after the cylinder issue) and they found the same codes and concluded that worst case scenario it was coil pack but likely spark plug related (which if truth be told, hadn’t entered my naive head). They replaced all spark plug and since then, I’ve noticed a change in power, a dramatic improvement in relation to fuel consumption and the car has completely cleared itself of any errors and is driving better than before.

I hope this might clear things up a bit if you’re in the same situation as me.
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