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Firstly happy new year to everyone!!

Can a car pass its MOT whilst in limp mode and with the engine management light on? Personally I think not but just thought I'd ask.

Last year the dreaded Anti-Pollution fault reared it's ugly head on my 52 plate 307 2.0hdi 90bhp. So I set about fixing it. I acquired a flash tool and gained access to Peugeot Planet. I removed a central portion of my DPF with a core drill following the helpful guide on the forum. I then had the ecu flashed with a no DPF file which was made by a professional service.

The car ran great for some 4-5 months and then the fault re-emerged. Read the codes and they are showing P0243 and P1421. The first is turbo solenoid which I have replaced but it has not sorted the problem. I only have a basic knowledge of the problem from what I have read on the forums. I think I may have to reach into my pockets and visit the main dealers. :(

I would be grateful for any ideas of how to solve or anyone in Kent fancy taking a look or know of a garage who specialise in the problem?
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