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Hi Peps, I had the above fault on my 307sw 110 on way home monday night,
Got it into JJ Puegeot in Bury St Edmunds, today to find out after a lot of investigation (no vacumn from solenoid) that the 30 amp fuse on the turbo solenoid have blown.
I have 2 questions any idea as to why it fused (could not find anything wrong) and why it is a 30 amp fuse?:confused: when it was only drawing just over 7 amp when working? :lol:
Thank You

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Fuse 15 - 30A -

Ignition Coil (TU/EW).
Diesel Heater (DW10TD).
Diesel Injection Pump (DW10,DV4).
Oxygen Sensor (TU/EW).
Front Oxygen Sensor (TU/EW).
ECU 1320 (DW10 Siemens).
Injectors (TU/EW).
Air Flow Meter (DV4, DW).
Solenoid Valve EGR+THR (DW10TD).
EGR Solenoid Valve (DW10TD).
Coolant Heat Solenoid Valve (DW10ATED).
Turbo Pressure Control Solenoid Valve (DW10ATED).

Could be a lot of things that fused it!
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