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I recently bought a 54 plate 407 2.0 HDi. I new it had a couple of faults but it was a great price and I am fairly good with fixing things myself that I thought it wouldn't be a problem.

It was showing 'fuel additive too low' and 'anti-pollution system faulty' and I thought these were connected - additive low so the DPF hasn't regened causing it to be faulty so I topped up the additive and bought myself the cables to link up to my laptop. Installed diagbox and reset the additive counter (cleared all other old fault codes while I was there so I can keep and eye on any returning).

This fixed the 'fuel additive too low' but it did not fix the 'anti-pollution system faulty' errors. I have taken it out for a few long motorway drives just to make sure it gets a opportunity for a regen.

So now whilst driving at low speeds everything is fine however if I put the car under heavy load - accelerate heavy or drive at motorway speeds after a short time the car enters limp mode.

I have read the codes again and this is what it listed:

P1351 Pre/Post heating relay circuit
U1118 Communications on the comfort CAN
P1598 Cooling circuit by-pass electrovalve
P1198 Fuel flow regulation solenoid valve

I have done a bit of searching and P1351 seems to indicate that it needs new glow plugs however on other posts people have suggested that this would not cause the car to enter limp mode.

I cant seem to find much info on U1118 or P1598

P1198 seems to be related to low fuel pressure and some people have changed their fuel pump and others have just cleaned their filter.

Obviously I want to fix all of these problems and I would rather do the work myself but I was wondering if more experienced people out their could give me any advise on these errors, how to fix them and which are most important to do first.

(also on a side note I have installed diagbox however I cant seem to find a good download link for PlanetPeugeot. does anybody know were I can get my hands on a copy?)

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Hi, My car a 1.6 HDi used to go into limp home mode when I put my foot down this was due to a faulty turbo boost pressure solenoid mounted on the back of the engine low down. Please see my recent post. However my fault codes were different to yours and a 1.6. If your completely stuck it might be worth a punt as it is a £40 part easy to change and a common failure item. cheers Ben

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Fault code U1118
After sales description of the fault code:
Intersystems CAN, Absence of communication with the BSI ECU
Description of the diagnostics:
Faults in communication between ECUs on the CAN network
Conditions of activation of the diagnostics:
At least one of the following conditions must be fulfilled
- Ignition switched on
- Engine running
Conditions of disappearance of the fault:
Driving for 5 minutes
Down-grade modes if fault present:
Reversible deactivation of the limiting of the vehicle speed:
Reversible deactivation of the vehicle speed limiter
Reversible deactivation of the vehicle cruise control
Switching on of the warning light and/or warning message: Warning lamp SERVICE
Main customer complaints likely:
Starting problem
Lack of power
Suspect areas:
Engine ECU
Intersystem CAN network

I cant see P1598 but this link could be useful

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Working glow plugs are integral to the DPF regeneration process, you must replace them straight away. I know this from first hand experience. The DPF will just clogg up again otherwise. Do that first and the other faults (if related) should clear.
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