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particulate filter cost

Hi everyone

Particulate - anti pollution - emissions filter cost.

i just thought i'd add a note of caution to the costs of these filters & fluid.
I've had 4 307's with 3 requiring this filter. one went straight back to the trader as the car was to put it bluntly not roadworthy, the second 307 had a new particulate filter and fluid done at Sunwin Peugeot in Loughborough for a cost of £440 last october. After selling that car I brought another 307 last week and you've guessed it, after 4 days the sensor warning light came on again saying anti-pollution fault, I took it to Peugeot on Abbey lane in Leicester for a diagnostic(£55) and was quoted £699.99 for a filter & fluid (nearly passed out). I got straight onto the phone at Sunwin and was quoted £430 inc parts, lab & vat(huge difference I know). Basically from what peugeot loughborough tell me, Peugeot charge £600 for a filter but give you back 60% of the cost as they take your old one and regenerate it. Obviously Peugeot in Leicester forget to tell you this, charge you the full rate and reclaim back the discount for themselves. In a nut shell the difference in cost for the filter and fluid between the two garages was £260. How they get away with that stuns me. Anywaythe the cars booked in at loughborough and can highly recommend their service as I've used them on a number of occasions before and found them to be very good and just as important "honest". cheaper diagnostic price too(£40).
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