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Fistly "hi" im new here. ive jumped ship from citroen forums( hdi 90 picasso, although i found myself reading peugeot forum topics related to the 90bhp engine more anyway) to a 307 sw SE 110 2003.
Sorry but another 'anti pollution fault' thread. Ive searhed the topic and read many threads on the subject from complete removal of FAP/DPF to bypass', drilling and refilling additives but there appears to be some conficting facts within these topics that i could really do with someone clearing up for me.
I have had the car for some time and recently recieved the 'Diesel additive min level' warning. I have continued to drive the car lacking the funds to sort it. On returning from a week in cornwall i recieved 'Anti pollution fault' and the management light on instrument panel.I assume the Fap/dpf is blocked or thinks its blocked. Please correct me if im wrong as i recieved no blockage warning just 'anti poll'. The car subsequently got the rev limit of around 3000rpm.

I am looking at several options here but before i decide which to pursue i would like clarification on a few points if anyone can help:

* will normal (non forced) regen work even if my display shows 'Diesel addi min level' or will the ecu not allow it.( as many FAPS/DPF work with out the additive on other brands and there seems some debate as to its usefulness)

* if i clean the Filter (FAP/DPF) manually/ get an exchange unit, will the anti pollution fault disappear assuming that was the fault. Or will i need the counters resetting.
Ive read people saying their fault has disappeared over night which suggests it is only sensor related and not on any counter.

* has anyone had experience of ruuning the dpf without eloys assuming the regen will still take place albeit less effective in soot removal.

* Where does the eloys get injected? the fuel tank?

* If the eloys is merely measured via a counter of deposits can i not just get the counter reset and leave it empty or would i need to put something in like diesel. possibly re-routing the tank on itself.

* what is the name of the system/tool used to reset these counters
so i can ask mobile mechs over the phone.

a final word of thanks for reading my looong post and any help. please no pollution rants as i fully intend to keep the dpf and its filtering properties just without the eloys there to aid the soot burning process on regen.
thanks again.
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