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Hi there!

I have a Peugeot 308, 2010, 1.6 Hdi Sport Model. I went on vacation for two weeks and left the car for service with my mechanic. He carried out a full service such as oil and filter, and replaced the timing belt and the water pump, as the pump was leaking/not working, and the timing belt needed replacing.

On my return to pick up the car, it would not start i.e. all the dash lights come up when I enter the car, can listen to the radio, when I put in the ke, notifies you of car doors being opened etc etc. I can hear 3 ticks when turning the key to start the engine, but the lights then flicker on the dash, and the anti pollution error message pops up on the centre console.

My mechanic said the battery was probably flat and charged it up, and the next morning the car started without any issues. On driving the car home, it did not have any drop in speed or performance, drove like normal. However, when I brought the car home and parked it up, and left it for over 24 hours, the next day when I tried to start it, it again had the same issue. I had an at home battery charger pack and tried that, it started after about 4 hours, and I left it on charge for the night. The next morning, it was still on charge, but again, would not start, showing the anti pollution error message. It does not seem to be a battery issue, all electrics are working fine in the car, i.e. notifes you when key is inserted, tells you when car door is open etc etc.

Any ideas? My mechanic said it might be some filter but will be expensive. The 'might' scares me after reading some of the posts about the issue here.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have videos of the problem just in case that helps clarify the issue for anyone unsure.
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