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Hi! :cool:
I recently bought a fresh 407 SW, one issue is the RD4 radio in it..not even bluetooth connection..
So I found another 407 but not SW with RT3 stereo, navigation, pdc, cd changer and all...I want!
My plan is to buy it and transfer all that is needed to get the nav, pdc and cd changer in my SW.
I have some electronic knowledge and the necessary tools for the conversion but my fear is the coding of the unit in both of the cars after the swap.
(yes, I want to be able to sell the other one with functional RD4 stereo)
I dont know if the dealers here in Sweden are so up to this task, can anyone explain the procedure of this coding?
How is it carried out? Through the car diagnoze socket?
Any input is much appreciated. :nod::rolleyes:

Regards from Sweden,

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