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Hi y`all

I been a member in here since 2011 and I live in the south of Norway. My present car is a 807 2.0 hdi 2003 model.
I started out with a Peugeot Boxer (Jumper, Ducato) 2,8 HDI, This was a fairly easy vehicle to screw on (is that right English?) and I have driven this car for countless of km. Since it was a commercial vehicle, original a minibus with registrated for 12, with a handicap lift, I "rebuildt" it to a "regular" 8 seats van so that everyone with a "normal" licence could drive it. This summer I was at my folks in northen Norway and the cam belt snapped (actually, I think it was the dieselpump wich broke, but anyway, the cam belt got loose :nono: ), so I just sold it as a parts car. I miss that Boxer. I could get anything I wanted in it and I could stand up in it. Anyway now we have a 807, not that big, but serves it purpose ;)

Anyone near Kristiansand needs diagnostic or help with their Peugeot (or other vehicle), just send me a message :thumb:
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