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Macdexx said:
Hi there. I bought my 307 1.4HDI 51 reg in july last year with 9 months MOT. In all the receipts was the receipt for the Angel Eye headlights that are fitted to it. They were bought and fitted by a garage in scotland in January 2007, so it has gone through 3 mot's with these lights. Put the car in for mot today and the garage says it's failed on the headlights as they reckon they are left hand drive lights. Has anyone else had this sort of problem with these lights?

If thats the case you can buy black tape to stick over the pipped beam so as not to blind oncoming drivers.
I am suprised they did not mention this

As you have the reeipt for this garage in Scotland why not give them a call, see if they remeber fitting them and if they are left or right dippers
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