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Hey guys! New to the forum and a new owner of a new 308 SW :D

I'd just like a bit of advice please, I have had a little look through the forum to no avail but......I'm just wondering whether Android Auto works for the 308 2017 model? On the Peugeot website and brochure it claims it does along with Apple car play and mirror link. As shown below:

"Take the stress out of driving with new Peugeot 308, with 3D Connected Navigation from Active level*. In conjunction with TomTom® the system receives real-time updates on traffic conditions on your journey, suggesting alternative routes where possible. Additional features include local weather information, fuel station pricing and POI search. For seamless pairing of your smartphone new Peugeot 308 also features Mirror Screen® functionality comprising, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay™ and Mirror Link®."

Now i have tried everything i can think of.....I have the App, Connected via cable, bluetooth etc.... still no joy. I have a Galaxy s7 edge (so no mirror screen or Carplay).

I really need this feature, as they seem to have removed/disabled the phones voice activation (ptt) button from the the steering wheel stalk. I cant seem to get "Ok Google" work through the bluetooth's mic either. Even my old Peugeot partner had the voice activation button on the indicator stalk.

Can any of you boffins help a guy out?

Would be much appreciated.

Cheers :thumb:
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