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Ambient air temp sensor(wing mirror

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Peugeot 207cc 1.6 120bh
Ok so can anyone please tell does the ambient temp sensor located on the wing mirror have any effect on the running of the car?
E.g for the ecu to read with regards to fuelling?
Mines well off the right temp! I'm not bothered about it but could it affect the car
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No its not used by engine ecu
I'm a little baffled coz my outside temp is reading 74oC and on planet my airtemp is reading 73 on live data and the engines not even fully warmed up and I have emission issues with car over fuelling
Is it not the intake air temp that will be reading on PP2000?

What does the temp on your radio screen say?
The hotter the air, the less dense it becomes. Therefore if you've got less air then you'll need less fuel to burn with it. If theer were a link then your car would be running lean, not rich.

So don't worry about the ambient temp reading :thumb:
I do recall having it come up on PP2000 when I was working a on 207cc the mirrors were off the car, but the car at the time had issues running, we had to replace the AATS back to clear the BSI codes. Cant say for sure if it effected the running as we did a few replacements together, but the De- poll warning was fixed up after!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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