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Hi everyone,
I have a 308 T9 2015 1.6HDi with several problems. Initially the car don’t start, the battery was dead soo i replaced for a new one, and then the car didn’t start again. I found a broken negative cable in the gear box, finally the car starts but battery warning and engine turned on with a message:
Battery charging system fault.

After this message I’ve checked the alternator Start & Stop and communications line between alternator and 10pin plug. The line it’s okay but it isn’t charging the battery, then I replaced for a new one original PSA reconditioned. I performed the replacement function on the diagnostic system’s.
The message still present.

I have an Autel maxi pro 808ts that can read many trouble codes such as B162616, B180562, U1F0000, U1133 and others like P2291 and P1352.
Does anyone know what problem might be the car? Sensor IBS can causa that problem?
I appreciate your help!
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