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807 is in the garden as we bought a Berlingo WAC while we try and stretch eldest's ham strings so he will get on his feet again, he's not bothered but we are.
Tried to start it to keep things running but battery had gone flat, alarm shrieking, not enough juice to reset with ignition key, charger keeps blowing fuse so I disconnected battery. Alarm continues and worried about neighbours but have no idea where alarm is, only the racket to give it away.
Off with the inner wing liner, bumper fixings and headlamp, disconnected the horn but alarm continues.
Found the alarm behind and cut the wires to it but it continues to yell, bit like the knight with his legs and arms cut off in Monty Python (Google it if you are less than 50). No screws to attach, seems to be a clamp to hold it to the inner wing.
Realised that it's note is getting quieter so wrapped it with a dust sheet and went for tea, one later its all quiet. More impressed with the system now!


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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