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I wanted to share my story with my 508 Allure.
I went to an Aircon dealer to get my aircon gas topped up- It was summer here in Aus being 32+ degrees.
He "topped" it up and said it only needed a small amount costing me $25 Dollars. Within hours my aircon was not even cold, the regret I felt from going from cool aircon to now warm air was a real disappointment.
I contact the Aircon dealer who decided that it must be a problem with something inside the system not the re gassing that caused the issue.
He told me to return in 3 weeks stating magical that had been booked out.
In the week to come I had cold air on the passenger side and hot on the drivers and cool in the rear.
I went to another Aircon place who looked fearful when I arrived in the Peugeot and told me "no way we don't touch them"
During this time the vents would just stop blowing air all together! So it was getting pretty uncomfortable.
I contacted the Peugeot dealer ( only 1 of them within a 300km radius)
The service department informed that it must be the vent controllers inside the dash and he would have to pull my dash board apart for a cost of $110 per hour and stating he would need at least 3hours.
I sucked it up, took it in preparing to be traumatised by the bill at the end.

2 Hours later he asked me to return and had found the problem.
The System had no gas in it!
$99 dollars later- I now have ice cold aircon!
He said the system will shut its self down to protect its self from over heating.

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Hi, I hope you don't have a leak like I did! Sadly you probably do, as the gas shouldn't be able to escape otherwise.

When the level of the gas dropped, I also noticed that the air was cold on the passenger side and not on the drivers side... and when the gas was all gone it was of course warm on both sides.

My 2012 GT had some of the aircon hoses perish when the vehicle was about 18 months old. I waited 6 weeks for replacements to arrive (during the peak of Australian summer) - only to then be told by the dealer that there were two hose kits, and they ordered only one - so I waited another 6 weeks for the 2nd kit to arrive.

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Had the same on mine last year, although climate in UK not as hot as yours.

Had a regas at an indi garage whilst having MOT, used them many times before. Next hot day car was roasing AC would only blow cold occasionally for short time.

Took it to local Peugeot dealer fearing the worst but same as yours, low on gas, they did a full vacuum test to confirm no leaks so it must just be the indi didn't do the job properly.

A year later and all still well, lesson learned don't go for the low cost offers, sometimes they don't pay off! Never happened before mind.
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