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I've converted my '66 reg (euro6) Boxer into a campervan (although that's not directly releant to my question). Before I started the conversion, back in January, the weather was cold and I wanted to use the aircon to demist (this is a 'pro' model with aircon factory-fitted). It didn't seem to work so I took it to the local Peugeot dealer to investigate (along with a couple of other niggles). They reported the aircon was working OK, so I just thought I wasn't used to the van or doing something wrong. I'd hardly driven the van since, while I've been converting it.

Now I've just completed the first proper trip away in my van, and there was one day I wanted to use the air conditioner to keep cool . The aircon indicator light comes on but there was absolutely no difference in the air temperature coming out of the blowers. So it's clearly not working. I'm just wondering if I am doing something wrong before going to the dealer again. I've two peugeot cars with aircon before, and they've been fine.

Just to be clear, I'm not expecting the aircon (designed to cool just the cab) to cool the whole interior, now that the bulkhead has been removed. But I do expect some cold air coming out of the vents!

There is a (possibly) related issue here - the heater takes ages to get warm after starting the engine. In cold weather I have to put up with being cold for the first 15 or 20 minutes - maybe this is typical of vans? Or some side-effect of the new euro-6 engines?

Thanks in advance
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