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Looking for a bit more help with my 207 1.4 Diesel.

I'm trying to get access to the gear-change linkage. I have removed the battery, battery tray, air ducting, air filter etc, but am struggling with the air filter housing.
Using a mirror on a stick, I can see a plastic clip holding the wiring loom with a cable tie through a plastic "loop" on the back of the housing. Is there any clever way of releasing this clip, or must I try and cut the cable tie without damaging the wiring ?
There's also a small wiring plug with two wires plugged into the rear near the middle top which doesn't seem to have any purpose (not the sensor further to the front of the engine.) - does this just pull out ?

As always, all help and advice gratefully received.

Edit : Sorted - if anyone stumbles on this post in the future, it's worth knowing that the loom is fixed to a small plastic bracket that is fixed to the airbox with one of those barbed metal gripper clips. They are EXTREMELY difficult to pull off. And also - on the 1.4 diesel, that electrical plug just above it is a dummy !!

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