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Hi My wifes 307 (03 plate 90 HDI Rapier) has developed the 'Air bag on' light fault which according to searches is most likely related to an COMM 2000 fault.

Q1 Is the bloody thing safe, i.e. is the bag likely to go off?

Q2. Will this fault cause it to fail its MOT? Due next week.

Q3. I have seen new COMM 2000 units on ebay for around £100. How hard are they to fit? i.e. am I liklly to get a gob full of exploding steering wheel?

Thank you.

1) No it wont go off!

2) No, you just get an advisory (mine is always on, cant be bothered to fix it!)

3) its more than likely a loose wire somewhere, check any connections under seats

Not worth changing the comm2000 as you will need it all coding up to the car etc, your best bet is to get it on diagnostics somewhere and find the actual fault instead of guessing :thumb:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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