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Just some advice. My wife wants a DAB Head unit in her 2007 207CC. We were thinking of a Sony unit.

I have realised I will need a Peugeot to ISO adapter, and if she wants to have steering wheel remote controls, a second adapter for those (though apparently she isn't too worried).

I do realise we will lose the functionality of resetting the onboard menus in the dipslay screen, but I intend to keep the original unit for that.

I do have some questions though:

1) If we don't bother to reconnect the stalk controls, that does no damage, and presumably, affects no other systems?

2) Will the Peugeot "onboard" display screen still function with the stalk switches (ie still scroll thru the fuel computer displays etc - using the button on the end of the stalk?)

3) Presumably if the original Pug head unit is kept, but not powered for some time, there is no issue about plugging it back in and being recognised (I understand that they are programmed to ECU?) This is for resetting clock, or for selling car.

4) I keep coming across Pug/ISO Harnesses where it says, "If the car has factory fitted reversing sensors, please contact us". Is there, then, and issue with the reversing sensors if you replace the ICE system?

5) Can anybody recommend a harness adapter? Halfords looked blank when I asked above questions....:nono:

Thanks everyone
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