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first of all, i wanna say hello 2 u all 307 users
i live in indonesia with its tropical condition, its very rare to find ..7 series here, lol (coz most indonesians say peugeot can stand the heat particularly recent ones)

guys i need to ask about:
1. electrical; months ago my car was sometimes suddenly off, all indicators gone, a/c off, radio off, for only about 2seconds while the car still moving ( i can hear the engine ). had checked to official peug garage, they cleaned up all my wirings (battery, cables, wiring, etc-------as they told me), then this thin never happened untl today it comes again.
what is that all about?
2. mine is 1.6l automatic, when I'd like to deaccelerate (put my foot off from pedal) my car sometimes does like choking (about 50km/h or 2nd gear position).
only to clean body valve solving this problem? or another action required?
3. how to make this car has faster acceleration? what modification I shoul do?

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