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Yepp the damn thing is shaking to piecies soon....

Have had this problem with wiiiiiiiiiiining gears since i bought it and been fine for 2 years now with that almost got that racefeel with straightcut gearbox sound to it :D

But since i put the singelmass conversion kit to it it´s just terrible.... the fork is pendling so hard up and down on idle and my guess is that the input shaftbearing is playing up?? The rocking of the clutchfork has started the realesebearing to shudder now to from the rocking.
A mild..say 2 mm push to clutch stabilizing the bearing hence no sound.

I have been looking and looking for a solution to this. (preferred a used gearbox swap)
Or do you recon that a bearing kit for odd 120 quids will be well spent?
But in which engines can i find this BE4 5L gearbox with the slave fitted to the fork or could i swap for a ML gearbox with slave in realesebearing?
What motorcodes would i be looking for to find a fit to my car? (Partner maybe or berlingo box?)

Any help on what to do is appriciated!! :thumb:

My is a 307 RHS 2.0L 2001 model... Vin last 8 is 82203385
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