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in the process of replacing a very dodgy clutch, i have to take off the sub-frame.
the first bolt i tried was the lower near-side (near the passenger footwell) but the threads must be full of rust because as it comes out it gets harder and harder to turn, the only thing i can think to do is work it back and fourth as i unscrew it to try to clear out the rust as i go. my big problem is that the upper bolt which fastens above the end of the gearbox has the same problem with rusty threads and after a few turns the captive nut came loose (i can hear the groans from here) i'm pretty much resigned to the fact that i'm going to have to cut an access hatch in the framework and weld the nut in place.

i was hoping that someone out there would have some experience with this sorta thing and give me some advice

thanks (hopefully) in advance

[sorry about the mixture of past and present tense, it's been a long, depressing day]
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