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A family member has a 2008 207 Urban 1.4 HDI. Because this car is the base model, it has manually adjustable mirrors.

The position of the mirror glass is adjusted via 3 metal cables, connected to the adjustment knob inside the car. The system relies on the metal cables being under tension.

However, one of the cables has disconnected itself from the backing plate, that the mirror glass clips onto. Because the cable was under tension, this makes it difficult to get it back into its holding position on the backing plate.

However, whilst trying to get the cable back into its holder, I broke the metal catch off the end of the cable. This means that the cable is no longer under tension, and it won't hold in place when I put back into its holder.

I've been made aware that the previous owner of this car hit the mirror assembly off a bollard, so that might not have helped the situation.

I was trying to see if I could find a new adjuster cable online, but all I could find is complete mirror assemblys, which range from £30+, new & used. Would anyone on here know what the easiest way to buy, and fit a new adjuster cable? I guess that it would only be available from a Peugeot dealership, since it's quite a small item.

In the meantime, a screw stuck in the edge of the mirror glass has been holding it in place. Otherwise, the glass will just be pulled up towards the sky, which is useless for rear visibility. I hope the photographs add clarity to the problem.

Many thanks

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