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recently purchased 307 2.0 hdi, 52 plate. very tidy- 106k on clock (wife has 407 sw). have the dreaded diesel additive minimum warning words and beep. so dived in and bought a litre pack of additive. now dont trust the dealer in reality. apparently part number is 9736.98 and Infineum F7995 on bottle. then phoned another garage and they hummed over it and decided yes.!
can anyone confirm this? as i have read of the fluid 176 for similar type of car. any insights appreciated.
looking to confirm i have correct fluid....
also noticed a rattling noise in timing belt area, so having a kit fitted and water pump tmara.
drives fine, but if i push it to open up joining m-way, the anti pollution fault pops up, clean filter, etc and once or twice dumps it in limp mode. drives fine at town speeds.
so had search round forum and getting pointed in direction of cleaning filter-hows that come of? something behind battery??
have pp/diagbox v5.02 and cables, but think my dvd drive knackered as it's not loading up on xp. but laptop reads it ok though thats vista.
saw someone does a disc for cash.!? true???
anyway that's my issues.

p.s. think the forum is great and thanks to you all and a chap from ireland helping to sort the 407 issues and heaters out. (just power to 407 rear wiper to sort and that's her. got new motor and new switch under wiper- but no power, any thoughts???)
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