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Hi, I'm a newbie, in need of some technical assistance.
Some time ago the active distance control started playing up. I would have set the cruise control and it would be working ok and then it would randomly start slowing down showing a vehicle image on the dashboard, when the road in front was completely clear.
Then after about a month, it would come up with a warning message on the screen on startup, saying that the system had an error and was switched off.
I did notice that the bottom left hand corner of the front bumper/skirt had been scraped, but it doesn't appear to be dented.
I have taken the car to my local Peugeot main dealer ( it is still just under warranty) but they are saying that the "plate" has moved in the scrape, and it would cost £200 just for them to take the bumper off and investigate, without actually repairing/replacing any parts.
Sorry this is really long!
I understand the "plate" is behind the bottom left hand corner grille, as they say they can see that it has moved, so can I just re-position it, is there a fixing bracket that should hold it in the correct position?
Will it need diagnostic resetting after repair?

Any help or advice would be really appreciated, thanks
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