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1997 Autosleepers Executive based on Peugeot Boxer 2.4D 40,000 miles
Hi all
I'm new to this forum but this one is driving me potty. Had the exhaust system thoroughly checked at a reputable garage and no external leaks found. During normal driving there is no problem but on descents when engine
is on overrun, a strong acrid smell enters the cab. It makes no difference whether the heater is on/off, external/internal air or windows open/closed. As my wife suffers from COPD this is now a real problem.
If I go into neutral down hill there is no smell but this is obviously not an acceptable solution. Could this be something to do with the crankcase breather valve or something more serious?
My nearest Peugeot dealer is 50 miles away so any help or advice would be appreciated.
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