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Recently I went to the local garage to get the pump fixed, that went great. They also replaced the belts, that also went great. Was driving the car with no problems, everything was so smooth and silk, almost made me give it a tear... finally fixed it all, well my ****. Before I left the garage I ordered those rubber rings that go around the pistons of the engine, and they arrived yesterday. The mechanic put the new ones on, since the old ones were causing oil leaks, while doing so, he changed the air cabin or pollute air filter that's on the passengers upper side of the car. Went to pick up the car today, and as soon as I did noticed many things working wrong...
To start it all with a simple problem, the AC compressor causing a massive click noise when activating and the vibrations of the engine being triple the time slower. While driving it has that loud clicking sound every 10 meters. Like the AC is turning on and off the entire time. The car doesn't give power when the AC goes on, which makes sense, right... because it does rely on the engine. Went fully pissed, claiming they messed up, which I still believe so. They couldn't connect the car to the bosch service, the computer, neither that Pug thing to see what's causing the error. They say it's completely normal to hear the "loud click and the vibration of the engine sound" because that way the compressor works. Wouldn't complain, but it was perfectly fine without it before, and the AC was as clean as a whistle. So, they recon it's something to do with the front van of the car, not using it's 2nd speed when the AC is on. One very important thing that I haven't mentioned the engine overheat after this last service. Any god damn solutions?
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