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I have mentioned this before in relation to possible ABS sensor trouble, but I think its something different. Having broken out one of the sensors (I hoped to clean it but it wouldn't budge), the light has come on less frequently.

This is probably either random, or there were initially 2 problems of which 1 is fixed. I say that because afaik you won't get a warning until about 20mph. If I'm going to get the light on, it happens immediately as I pull away, then it stays on. I know the fault warnings persist for 1 or more cycles, so that's what I would expect. I seem to have to let the intial diagnostic settle; if I get into gear and pull away too quickly (I have a 407sv auto) whe warning light comes on immediately.

I don;t think there's much wrong but I need to get it reliable before the mot in November. Anyone else had experience with this? Phil
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