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hi all

hoping someone with a bit of knowledge or previous experience can give me some advise.

My Peugeot 207 (07) failed the MOT due to ABS failure warning light, it has been coming on for about a month but power steering still works , had to take it to local dealer for a diagnostic test and that came up at first with 3 fault codes C1350+C1325+C1335 apparently the later 2 codes were for wheel sensors which disappeared after a reset but C1350 still coming up and was advised it meant i needed a hydraulic block at the cost of £770 + £216 for labour , i have heard so much about dirty sensors etc causing fault codes and wondered if it is possible that it may just be something as simple as a faulty/dirty sensor or if that code means i definaitly need a whole new hydraulic block, is it worth taking it somewhere else to get the sensors checked first :confused:

any help would be so much appreciated as i simply don't have the money after putting in a new gear box and clutch only a couple of months ago and just paying £200 for 4 new tyres ... gutted :(
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