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I currently have a Peugeot 307 2003 2litre which has been involved in a crash. The ABS Pump on the car has been damaged around the electric connection (the socket which the connection wires plug in to). The pump seems to be in good condition other than the connection. It is a Bosch pump and on the top left of the pump is a number: 0 265 225 188.

I believe I am going to have to buy a new ABS pump unless anyone knows of where to get an abs pump fixed.

I have been told by one person that I need to buy a pump that has the same code on the top of the pump (ie. 0 265 225 188) and it should then work with the car.

On ebay I can get a reconditioned pump with a matching code for about £300-£350. However, every now and then a cheaper one may appear (approx £100) which has come straight from another car.

I have spoke to the Fiat Dealer who say that an ABS pump has to be programmed to a car and once it is programmed it cannot be moved to another car. Is this true? As a side not, Peugeot wanted £1100 for a new programmed ABS pump which I would rather not spend.

Can the abs pump be moved from one car to another? Do the codes need to match? Will I have to have the pump reprogrammed?

Thank you
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