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So i posted on here a while ago with all the problems i had with my abs: light on, stop warning light, braking fault, handbrake light and no speedo constantly. Found out that the cause was the pump, too much voltage going in one side.

I had the pump replaced (second hand one!) in december and after cleaning the sensor all the problems have gone. But recently i'm heading back to square one: the abs light has been coming on bit by bit, but in the last week or two its on all the time and the stop warning light is back. Speedo is still working but is starting to move on its own whilst stationary again!!

My question is, do you think it is the pump again? and if so surely something must be causing too much power to get to it, it seems an awfully strange coincidence especially as it worked fine and was immaculate when i bought it!!

p.s hoping to put it on the computer in the next week or two see what that tells us, im just having nightmares its the pump AGAIN! it's one thing after another with this car!


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