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I´ve a Peugeot 307 2005+.

And I just replaced both rear brake discs...

Everything worked prior to the change but now the abs lights come on. It´s shows up when starting the car, then it turns of after a few seconds. I can then drive for a while but it always reappears... Sometimes cuz I drive at a higher speed, sometimes it just comes on when driving slow...

So there´s no way to know when the lights comes back on.

Either way... I removed the wheel and found the problem...
The magnetic ring is totally destroyed... What´s not shown in the picture is how close the abs sensor is to the ring. It´s almost touching.

So my question is, what do I do??
Obviously the ring is destroyed and I probably need to replace it. But do I have to replace the whole brake disc since the wheel bearing is built in? Or is it possible to replace just the magnetic ring?

And what caused it to get destroyed? Is the sensor to close and ripping it apart when the wheel is spinning??
Is it possible then to move the sensor so it´s not as close?

Any help is appreciated! Let me know if I wasn´t clear enough or forgot some important information :)
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