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Hi I have a problem with the breaking system in my 306. I recently purchased a car with ABS warning light on. My local garage replaced the main drive shaft as he said it was the faulty ring on the bottom of this that was causing the problem. Now when I start the engine the light goes out but when a apply pressure to my breaks the peddle kick back at as if the breaking systems is pulsing the breaks, as I slow down the break kicking back at me be gets slower and slower until a come to a stop . this only happens when the light is off as the light still comes on after a short period of time in the morning and when I apply pressure to the breaks they are fine apart from the fact that I have no ABS so could skid.

Is it possible the there is something conflicting with the ABS system causing the peddle to kick back and could anyone help with this problem as my mechanic said that it would beds its self in but it’s been about a month since a had the work done and am still experiencing this problem

Please note I only experience this problem when the ABS light is off thus the ABS system is active
Please HELP!!!!!???????
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