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Have a Peugeot 1.4 x-line petrol 2005 (54 plate)

I have recently had the abs light come on along with the stop light flashing so this weekend my dad took the front two sensors off and cleaned them along with the surrounding area.

This seems to of stopped the stop light flashing but instead there is now a bonking/knocking noise coming from the front left side when breaking, shortly after the abs light comes on but with no stop light and the knocking stops and was hoping someone might be able to help out as it's driving him crazy now thinking he has broke my first car.

Thanks a bunch in advance,

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Had exactly the same thing on my 307 cc
It's the abs pumping
After doing my front sensors abs/esp light stayed off but not for long lol
I had a guy off this site test my car with pp200 found fault codes ect
But did tell me before he plugged it in
That it will be my rear passenger side sensor he had seen this fault many times my car running good now for months
No and/ esp light on dash
He told me to remove rear wheel on passenger side remove rotor disc ect
And take the speed sensor off
Behind where the sensor sits you will see corrosion and rust clean it back to good metal and replace your sensor back on
What happens is the rust has pushed away your sensor from the hub and now it's giving a false reading or no reading at all
I did do my front ones first
And problem happenend again after a short period
But once I done the rear one on passenger side all has been good
Even peugeot couldn't find a fault with sensors

After charging me twice and me pointing out they had it twice and could fix it
Check on this site mate about rear sensor on 307 and look for photos of how to do this fix yourself
The noise from front passenger side wheel is a sound like fast tapping and has if my brakes where worn out ie metal to metal
Good luck

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Yeah had the same with the sensors, did all 4 one by one.
I guess technically the sensor isn't faulty. It's just losing wheel speed so can think the wheel is stopped. If it does it at the wrong time when braking it will unlock the wheel by dropping the brake pressure to it. Hence the noise.
If it does it like mine it just fails it at 60 mph and puts the light on.
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