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i fitted a new front hub on my missus car today to find a massive clunking issue. turns out it wasnt the hub at all.

when i fitted it and disturbed the inner cv joint it was clunking.

i took it out to see how bad it was and the abs fault came up

i had used the abs sensor fitted to the hub so i swapped it with the old one that worked

the abs light still showed. i got up to 50mph and it still stayed. i did and emergency stop. the car slid.

i got back and plugged in planet. obviousely i knew what wheel it was.

i cleared the fault and took it out for a run. the abs light stayed off and the abs kicked in when i emergency stopped.

i got home and plugged in planet again. this time no faults shown

. i have only had rear abs sensor issues that cleared themselves. seems odd but lucky i have the software

anyone had a fault they have had to clear themselves?
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