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Hello dear forum members,
I have a new intermittent issue with my 407 V6.
After left outside over the winter out of traffic the ABS and ESP failure warning lights came on at the first spin with the car, the warning came on every time I used car even after checking the wheel sensor connectors under rear seat and the fwd right one (couldn´t find the fwd left easily, maybe under battery?)...I replaced right front wheel ABS sensor a couple of years ago and was now sure to replace another one this time so I booked a scan at a local garage and the day I went there the warning came not at all....I stopped and started again but no warning. So I decided to do skip the faultcode reading and perform a quick drive in MOT as it was due....
IT PASSED with honour...:)
The following day the warning came on again and has now come on every time being used since...
It must have been cause it was my 45th birthday on the day of the test that made the car nice to me...the french syndrome? :eek:

Now my question?
Any connector that is prone to cause this that I can try to exercise? The cruise control still works fine with the alarm on....
If no avail I will have to go back to that garage and do a reading as I planned earlier...
Cheers in the spring sun! :nod:
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