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Hey, just signed up to this with the hope of solving some faults before the 407 drains the bank account again :mad:

I've had my 407 sw 1.6hdi (54 reg) about two years now, since i got the car the ABS/EPS has been faulty, my local pug garage was unable to sort it so when the warranty ran out i have not bothered, it behaved its self the last mot....(loads of other probs though:( )....but now its constantly showing on the dash as a fault. was wondering if its gonna fail next weeks mot cos of this?? any idea?

since last years mot the engine warning light has been on constantly and the computer is reading depollution system is faulty, the garage that did the mot have not been able to get the light to go out, is the warning light linked to the depol system?? this has been over the last year but since september the car is running poorly when cold, very lumpy and hesitant on exceleration, wonder if this is linked to the depol system?? i read on here that this fault can cause random fantom faults as well which are also happening eg, o/s rear break light bulb faulty...have replaced 3 times now but still locks its self when it shouldnt, sometimes unlocking the car the windscreeen wipers will come on & and the cooling fan cuts in after a mile drive up the road to take the dog on the moors, it happened again yesterday, 1 mile drive from cold. when on the moors the wind was so cold and icy i was surprised the fan was on but after the short walk of about 20 mins when i got back to the car the fan was still on. what the hell is going on??

if anyone has had similar probs would be nice to hear, in the meantime i'm gonna start begging for money to fix it lol :confused:
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