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Hi folks,

I'm looking at getting a 307 for the missus. This one looks fairly good:

eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

Drives well, good condition, no faults in planet, agreed a good price.

You probably know i've had a 307 before - an early 2.0 HDI 90 and clocked up over 30,000 miles in it with various minor issues fixed along the way (hence buying another).

But I don't know if this model has the DPF or DMF?

I'm guessing as its a 90BHP it won't have dual mass flywheel, but as its a few years newer than mine I don't know if they fitted them as standard at any point. It looks like the pre-facelift model and everything about it (bar the interior) looks the same as my old one.


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As far as i know any 90 pre facelift wont have a DMF

I dont know if they were brought in after facelift though (werent they dropped to a 1.6 then?)

With it being an 05 its right close to the end of pre facelift

So to sum up my nonesense post, i think its safe! :)
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