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Hi People,
I've just brought a Boxer 55 plate 2.0L HDI It comes with no history or manuals. Its just done 120,000 miles.
The guy assured me that it has been serviced well as it comes from a lease company. The reason for no history is due to all work being undertaken in house.
Am sceptical of this but you never know some people do tell the truth. But the service display on the dash says it needs one. The van has spent its life with a conservatory company.

I assume it has a cam belt, when does this need changing?
Is there a manual available so i am able to do my own services? only one i can find is on flebay.
Parkers say its the same engine as a citroen relay and fiat ducato, is this correct?

There are a few issues with the van, but it seems to run very nicely.

There is some liquid on the passengers floor. I have google this and the only thing i can find is it could possibly the heating core, is this correct? if so is this an important job? when i use the heating it gets nice and warm, but it also mists up the windows.

The top of the side sliding door is slightly out letting water in, i have looked at the adjustment and its at its max. is there anything i can do to pull it in even further? or get a bigger rubber seal?
A friend said i could try and put more thread on the adjustment, is this possible?

The radio/cd player works but the display doesn't, can i just get a new face for it, or do i need to replace the whole system?

I'm based in east Kent uk, does anyone using the forums know of a good place to get work done, and also any breakers around the area with boxer vans

I'm a Market trader so this van is very important to me.

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance.
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