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I have a few things I need sorted out with my car, and would appriciate any help you can give. The car is Peugeot 307 Automatic shift, 1600cc, year 2005.

1. When I start the drive (it usually happend in uphill), there's a feeling the the car is "streching" the first gear, and then when it goes to the second you can really feel it (like in manual cars when you release the clutch too fast and you feel the car shake), beside you can hear it. It's not interrupting the normal driving, but what do you do with that? and can it hurt the car for the long haul?

2. While driving (wether if its uphill, downhill or plane), when I release the gas pedal and you're suppose to feel the start of the engine braking the car (without pressing the car brakes, just the engine brake itself), there's some sort of squeak/whistle coming from outside (I can't say for sure from where exatcly or, but I think it's the wheels). its happeing always. Further more, it also happens (but this not always, just sometimes) when I re-press the gas pedal. The time where I hear it the most is when I am in a street with alot of speed bumpers. What can be the cause and I do I fix it?

3. When I come to the parking, I put the parking brake up, switch the stick to "P", turning the lights out, turning the key to off to pull it out and then there's a sound, like some sort of ring/warning beep. When this is happening, I can't lock the car using the remote. I tried a few things like turning off the radio before but nothing worked until I found out that I need to switch the key back to ON, press the code of the car, and then turn the key to off again and pull it out. It's not happening all the time - sometimes it can happen once a week, other times it can happen 7 times in one hour. What it is?

4. I had a small crash into someone last week and I scratched the part under the front light pretty hard. I went to a store and they told me here in Israel they sell it for alot, but I saw on ebay here that it cost only 58 dollars including shipping - will it fit good? and is it hard to replace it myself? here is the picture of the hit in my car:

5. While seating in the car this week I noticed that on the side above the pedals there is some sort of rip in the thing and I would like to know what is it, here it is:

6. Someone scratched and stole the badge of Peugeot from the back side of the car, will this fit my car?

Thank you in advanced for any help you can provide!
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