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Hi everyone,

This is my first post so i apologise for the immediate questions!. However i'll try to contribute to the forum as much as i can Smile

Due to the great deal of snow we've been having i crashed my car last sunday... Ive now bought a 1995 1.4 peugeot 306 xn for 500 quid to get me back on the road!

There are a few issues with the car and would appreciate ANY help given:

1) Rear wiper, when on, will only move when pushed by hand.

2) It had an aftermarket stereo in that didnt work. When removed all the wires behind it have been rewired and cut, which im guessing was for a sub which the previous owner took out and left all the wiring free. Is there a way i could replace the mess he has left with a new set of wires i could buy from somewhere?

I can pm you some pictures of the wires if you are interested in helping.

3) Gear knob is pants! So I would like to get a new one. Any recommendations for a new gear knob?

That's it. Don't really want to spend loads on these issues as the car was so cheap.

As i said any help would be greatly appreciated.


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