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Some old toot I've got to get shifted to make some room.

I've got these priced to cover ebay/paypal fees and shipping, I'm open to offers if you want to take all of that out of the equation and turn up with some cash and take them away. I never know how to price this stuff so if I'm wildly out of order feel free to tell me so.

Oh, and I've assumed that nobody's bothered about the old Ford stuff but if you are, have a look at my other items.

Tyre foam

SP Arches

Stainless Mesh to match SP vents/grille. Bought to make a mesh grille for SP bumper.

Top mounts (no bearings, just mounts)

Fuel Filters

Later style rear light (Left)

Idler Pulley Bolt(s)

Timing Pins

Pipercross filter, cleaner and oil

Cheers, Jim
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