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good morning.

as a new owner of a peugeot i have a few questions and small niggles about my 307sw. its the 2.0 90bhp model.

anyway what should the operating temp be when its up to full temp? mine gets to 80 and not any higher, nearly all cars i have had show 90 as the temp. if it should be 90 what could be effecting it and causing it to stay lower?

on my last car (galaxy tdi) it had a seperate heater on it that fired up when the car was cold and the temperature outside was below 9 degrees, this assisted in heating up the car a lot quicker and thus getting the heating up to temperature faster. now im pretty sure the 307 doesnt have this function but i have noticed that if i start the car and leave it for a while the temperature does not move at all until i start driving meaning theres no point leaving it to warm up.
also connected to this concern is that when i get to stationary traffic the engine temperature starts to drop, and so does the heaters. this morning -1 outside and stopped for 5 minutes when the car was at 80 and by the time i set off again it was 70, the heater was a little cooler and it just seemed strange.
the seperate heater once stopped working on the galaxy and then it did this too, although on the galaxy the temperature dropped a lot faster and could go from 90 to the bottom of the scale just in slow traffic in town.

is all the above normal.. i know its long but i hate to see questions like, 'my heating is cold why?'
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