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So having spent lots of hours and bloody knuckles on my XTDi (and a hell of a lotta swearing !). After I overheated the engine and blew the head gasket I have had the head skimmed, ground all the valves in really well, set the timing bang on and put the engine back together it would not start after bleeding it but just chugged occasionally at me.

Pulled the injectors and did a comp test and where before I had absolutely no comp (the bloke who skimmed my head told me it was well warped) I now have the following 1 = 400psi, 2 &3 = 40psi & 4 = 230psi. That's why it won't start.

Was real careful in replacing the head gasket so as not to damage it and torqued all the bolts down correctly in the right order and to the right values.

So what is the chance that the block itself is f****d ?. The bloke who skimmed my head told me this wasn't the first time that the head had been skimmed and it cannot be done again.

So what do you guys reckon ?. Any suggestions would be welcomed. If it were a runner I'd park it outside the local camp with the keys in and doors unlocked the way I feel about it at the moment. :nono:
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