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Welcome to Peugeotforums. If you've been directed here its to gently steer you in the right direction in using the site.

This is more than just a Q&A site for Peugeots, its an active community of like minded members who spend a great deal of their personal time for no pay or reward to help other Peugeot drivers and dispel the myth that French cars are unreliable or poorly made.

This forum has been here for years and there's no obligation to only sign up when you're having problems, consider joining the community when you become a Peugeot owner.

The AA wouldn't entertain a discount instant membership request after you've broken down, we operate on the same principle. So please do not start demanding instant answers or get shirty if people don't respond quickly. Not everyone is online 24 hours a day and not everyone knows the answer. If your question had had many views but no response, consider that this forum gets lots of views from Spambots and Google search inquiries, which may make up the views.

And the majority of our members own the older 206, 307 and 407 range of cars.

You wouldn't get technical advice to the level we give for free from a garage, so with this in mind, please consider giving something back by helping us in the following ways:

1) Post an introduction. There's nothing more rude than just turning up and asking a question (especially without a please and thank you) and then disappearing. If this happened all the time there would be nobody here to answer your questions. Make the time and effort to give something and I guarantee you'll get the same in return. Please put your location in your Profile and your car details in your sig so members can guide you to suitable local services or fellow members.

2) Stay and contribute. You don't need to be a mechanic, anyone who has driven for some time with have some contribution or have experienced a similar problem to others. We pride ourselves on being a community that shares hints and tips. A fellow owner might discover a serious and expensive defect that you could prevent on your own car.

3) Use the Search box first. The chances are your problem has already been experienced by someone else. There's nothing more irritating than someone asking a question that's been answered many times before, in great detail. This is particularly true for aftermarket stereos on the Peugeot 307, ABS faults, adding cruise control or bulb failure warnings.

If you need a driver's handbook you can find them here:

One item you should have in your toolbox is a Haynes manual. They're cheap enough second hand on Ebay and provide comprehensive instructions and photographs of most component repairs.

4) Do the basic checks first. Most problems are caused by simple neglect. Do regular oil and filter changes - especially the fuel filter. Make sure your battery is under three years old (or five if it has a five year warranty) and that all earth points are good and clean. If you're having electrical problems, do a BSI reset - search the forum for details, its covered extensively.

5) Post in the correct section, with a brief description of the fault in your title. Don't just write "NEED HELP", or "URGENT" and don't tag onto someone else's problem - start your own thread and refer to another by posting the link, and do not post in the "How-To" sections unless you have a guide you want to share.

6) Be detailed (and patient!). If you have a problem, give as much detail as you can.
Make sure you post your model, shape, year, fuel, engine size, mileage, BHP & general wear and condition - especially service history. E.g. 307 (5 door hatch, old shape), 2005, diesel, 2L, 90bhp, 120,000 miles.

If you want specific parts information, diagrams or part locations then post the last 8 digits of your VIN.

Having "anti pollution fault" is a generic warning, it could be a dozen things or more causing it, and needs a diagnostic to find out what's wrong.

Also bear in mind that we're not a professional dealership or repair centre open 24 hours a day. We provide advice based on our own experiences with our own cars. For example, my specialism is the 307, I know little or nothing about vans. So, if people don't reply to your query, it doesn't mean we're ignorant, we just don't know.

7) Be aware of the limitations of a text based forum. If you're having a problem that's giving off a particular noise or looks wrong, remember that this can't be easily transpired into text. Make a recording or post pictures. Upload videos to YouTube, photos to a free photo site like Photobucket. But bear in mind there are some things that need to be seen or heard or felt in person.

8) Diagnostics. We don't support generic code readers on this forum, for the simple fact they've given out incorrect information in the past, don't pick up all faults, or cannot display live data or check components. The only equipment we support and recommend is Peugeot Planet or Diagbox diagnostic software used in-conjunction with the LEXIA3 cable. I've done some tests with various scanners on my car with a known EGR, diesel heater sensor, and glow plug faults and only Planet picked up these fault codes and read the live data to show that the parts were indeed faulty. And on two occasions I've known a national breakdown firm say that a customer's high pressure fuel pump has failed because that's what the code said, only for it to be an issue with the tank lift pump - one was a blocked filter, the other was weak current to the pump due to an old battery.

If you need a diagnostic check, or need to contact a member, but don't have 20 posts to your name, then read this thread:

If there's nobody close, see item 12. We're always after more members for the map, and doing local diagnostics will soon pay for the equipment in no time.

9) If you've already had a diagnostic, post the fault code AND description, AFTER you've searched the forum for others who have had the same codes. There are a few good sites which detail Peugeot fault codes, or just put the P code in the search box. Clearing fault codes does NOT make the fault go away or fix the problem!

10) If you've signed up for installation instructions, software or basic advice for your Lexia cable, then you should contact the seller.
There are some comprehensive Planet installation instructions here.

11) Please do not ask for or share copyrighted software (Servicebox / Haynes manuals / Autodata) or serial numbers / access codes or program installation and operation on the forum. Although freely traded around Ebay and on torrent sites, these are still copyrighted programs, and patches or hacks to bypass security are definitely dodgy, and a prominent forum such as this one could be instantly closed down if Peugeot wanted to take action against such practices, and years of shared experiences and technical knowledge could be wiped out. I speak from personal experience of legal threats against another forum I'm involved with.

12) Purchasing Lexia hardware cable and Diagbox / Planet Software. A question often asked. There are now countless suppliers, including Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress, door2doorshop. However, the quality of the software varies.

Some sellers claim that the equipment might not work with some 307s. This is rubbish and isn't a problem if the right hardware and software are used. Some Revision B Lexia cables and Peugeot Planet or Diagbox 5 or 6 won't read some ECUs on various cars (my own experience is the Engine ECU can't be read on two of my 307s - Rev C and Diagbox 7 work perfectly).

You should get a Revision C Lexia / Lexia3 cable, and the standard Planet software versions we work to are V22.14, with a patch updating it to V24.29.
For the Diagbox software you should expect V7.02 patched (otherwise you'll have registration and activation problems) with updates to V7.78 (10/16). In May 2015 V8.01 was released, but isn't generally used.

April 2019: I purchased this cable from Aliexpress and it does the job.

To find out which revision Lexia you're using, you need the PSA INTERFACE CHECKER software. If you need to upgrade a revision B there is a fantastic French gentleman called Cyril (aka "NLC") who can do it for a small fee. I will provide contact details to regular, active members.

13) COMM2000 (indicator / wiper stalks & horn problems - such as intermittent horn, over cancelling indicators, loose stalks) - contact this member, based in Bradford where you can visit for a repair, or send off your unit. There are also second hand replacements for sale, with warranty.

14) For keys, key codes or anything key related, member and Locksmith Trustme should be your first port of call.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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