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I was looking to upgrade the RD4 I have on my Peugeot 207. I want to add bluetooth. I got the parrot module, configure it but I missing the cable for the microphone, it does not exist in the roof. Checked both A pillars and the only cables are for the lights on the roof.
Got an RD45 (for the USB connection), configure it and worked ok as radio. I did not get the USB cable, wanted first to test it that is working. Found that the CD rom is not working. So I return it.
I was searching for another one and seen the Peugeot 208, 98051026ZD. It has all the connections as the RD45, plus the USB and Bluetooth on board of the stereo, so you dont need the parrot module. The unit actually looks like RD45. Even the rear connections/pins look the same. Only the front facia/buttons are different.

The question is..... is this stereo configured like the RD45? You need to access with Lexia\PP2000 to put the VIN number?
On the label it has RDE LEVEL 2, CAN. So as far I understand it can be configured with the Lexia.


Has anyone done anything similar?
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